1979 Robson, Rowell and Brown score in 3-2 win at Neuchatel (Switzerland)
1984 A 1-1 draw with Athlone is enough to reach IoM Gold Cup Final
2009 Richardson and Jones score in 2-1 friendly win at Celtic
Record in 1st Class Competitions
Up to and including match v. Hull City on 30/7/2021
Matches Played 5,446 Number of... Number of different players to...
Matches won 2,173
Matches drawn 1,335
Matches lost 1,938
Goals scored 8,371
Goals conceded 7,682
Matches scored in 4,095
Matches not conceded in 1,482
Make an appearance 1,096
Start a match 1,059
Come on as a substitute 456
Be substituted 548
Never appear but be a sub 45
Score a goal 600
Be sent off 134
Last Match
30 July 2021 Friendly
Club Formation

Sunderland AFC formed on October 1879, at the British School in Norfolk Street, Sunderland. This is a given for all Sunderland fans and the club itself. Yet there is no factual evidence to support it. To believe it is to believe error-strewn anecdotes and stories published many years later.

There is now a substantial collection of primary source evidence, reported in newspapers from 1879 to 1883, that simply does not support the 1879 date. Furthermore, it provides a consistent set of facts from which the only logical conclusion is that Sunderland AFC formed on 25th September 1880 at Rectory Park School, Sunderland.

All the evidence we have concerning the formation is available on this website for anyone with an interest to examine. In our view, 25th September 1880 is the formation date of SAFC and should be celebrated.

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